Tesla unveils its electric 'semi' truck, and adds a roadster

18 November, 2017, 01:21 | Author: Rolando Keller
  • Tesla reveals electric lorry to revolutionise haulage

Rocketing from 0-60 miles per hour in a mere 1.9 seconds looks as ridiculous as it sounds, as swarms of Tesla Next Gen Roadster reservation holders soon found out after experiencing "Maximum Plaid" mode in real life at the semi-truck unveiling event. But it was easy to forget about all the snags and delays plaguing the production of Tesla's first mass-market electric auto, especially with Musk dropping phrases like "zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds" and "620-mile range".

This is also the first sign that Tesla's Semi announcement isn't just a flashy stage show: A pilot partner eager to talk about actually using the trucks immediately shows there's some some fire behind the smoke.

For those looking to get the new Roadster early, the cost will be $250,000.

He said Tesla plans a worldwide network of solar-powered "megachargers" that could get the trucks back up to 400 miles of range after charging for only 30 minutes.

With a full load, the truck can still reach that speed in 20 seconds, according to Musk, much faster than any diesel-powered truck.

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He said the Tesla Semi truck boasts faster acceleration, better uphill performance and smart safety features such as lane-keeping technology and enhanced autopilot software to improve the on-road experience for truck drivers.

This is a sign of how the Tesla Semi could make a bigger impact than many might suspect on the trucking industry. "This could present another distraction from really just making sure that the Model 3 is moved along effectively", said Bruce Clark, a senior vice president and automotive analyst at Moody's.

We're off to the races with new production under way on electric semi-trucks. Demand for electric trucks is expected to grow over the next decade as the U.S., Europe and China all tighten their emissions regulations. They can also be fully charged overnight. Right now, there's little charging infrastructure on global highways.

Only after talking about the truck's speed did Musk mention its range. "But charging can be a challenge and Tesla big rigs will cost far more than diesel trucks".

"It probably is, based on the specs provided, but this isn't necessarily a slam dunk". The company, one of the largest supply chain solutions providers in North America, said that it had "placed a reservation to purchase multiple Tesla Semi tractors" though did not specify exact numbers.



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